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CASE Woodwind包含2个中音长笛,2个短笛长笛,2个低音单簧管和2个Contra巴松管。每种乐器都由2位演奏者录制,因此您可以同时演奏这两位演奏者,也可以通过Soloist Spot麦克风将他们分开。 CASE带有6个麦克风位置,分为两个核心组:霍尔(近距离,远距离,宽和混合)和独奏者1(Spot 1)和独奏者2(Spot 2)。

CASE(自定义Aleatoric独奏效果)系列由TEC奥斯卡奖和G.A.N.G获奖作曲家Troels Folmann制作。 CASE包含三个专用于Strings,Brass和Woodwinds的专用库,它们均基于相同的概念。


CASE Woodwind Edition包含一个清晰的发音列表,并采用高分辨率波形(.wav / 24位/ 96khz格式)。我们想创造一些确定而无与伦比的东西。仅Woodwind Edition包含超过5.100 FX样本,几乎不可能找到未涵盖的效果。

我们新的双层FX系统支持惊人的清晰度。首先是我们的前端FX系统,它使您可以控制a门,滤波器,音调,延迟,压缩以及新的纹理卷积延迟。新的纹理卷积使您可以进行许多新的卷积并将它们用作延迟分量。我们还包括了新的Chaos FX引擎,它使您可以控制诸如EQ,定相,失真,立体声延迟和附加的卷积混响之类的事情。


CASE具备了所有功能,并且是Solo Orchestral FX的权威收藏。

CASE Woodwinds包含超过5,000个FX样本,可以无限方式进行组合。只需单击一下鼠标,便可以控制单个部分或将数千个参数随机化。无论是将效果与我们新的“纹理卷积延迟”混合在一起,还是使用“叠加”功能轻松混合所需的多种效果。前提是相同的。您可以进行无数的选择和直观的控制,以自己动手制作。

CASE包含3个不同的麦克风主干,分为2个Hall Mics(中间,房间)和1个混合干(Mix)。多个麦克风位置的灵活性使您可以拨打自己选择的完美声音。此外,CASE还带有大量自定义卷积预设。为您的声音增添新的风味。


CASE Solo Winds带有8个核心补丁,可容纳数十个关节。一切都整齐地内置到我们的自定义浏览器中,该浏览器一次包含多个关节。这意味着您可以立即使用大量多样的效果。我们还添加了独特的Stack功能,该功能可让您根据需要层叠多个关节以获得更大的效果。您可以从字面上将所有内容混合在一起。

CASE Chaos Engine可能是CASE中最极端的功能。我们希望采用Aleatoric(机会/随机化)音乐的概念,并将其移植到我们的代码和用户界面中。 CASE Chaos Engine允许您一键制作超过1.500个样本参数,同时还可以随机化我们新的8Dio FX系统。因此,样本内容和分配的FX都将被随机分配到一个光彩夺目的鸡尾酒中。 CASE Chaos Engine的妙处在于,您只需单击一下,就可以精确控制所需的混乱程度-从外观上的微小变化到全新的声音世界的诞生。

CASE包含两个并行的FX系统。第一个是我们新的Front-Faced FX,它使您可以从前面板控制最基本的效果(例如,动力学,滤镜,音高,延迟,破碎机和新的纹理延迟)。您还可以使用我们的新的Chaos FX系统进行更深入的研究,该系统包括基于步骤的滤波,均衡器,位破碎机,失真,双重立体声延迟以及在自定义纹理卷积延迟之上的附加卷积系统。

-全面的Aleatoric Solo Woodwind FX

-5,100多个样本。 17.1GB硬盘(压缩到11.32GB)
-需要Kontakt 5.5的完整零售版或更高版本

CASE Woodwind contains 2 Alto Flutes, 2 Piccolo Flutes, 2 Bass Clarinets and 2 Contra Bassoons. Each instrument was recorded with 2 players, so you have the ability to either play both players together or separate them via the Soloist Spot microphones. CASE comes with 6 microphone positions divided into two core groups: Hall (Close, Far, Wide and Mixed) and Soloist 1 (Spot 1) and Soloist 2 (Spot 2).

Welcome to CASE – the most comprehensive collection of Solo Orchestral Effects ever done.
CASE (Custom Aleatoric Solo Effects) series is produced by Academy Award, TEC and G.A.N.G Award Winning Composer, Troels Folmann. CASE comes in three dedicated libraries for Strings, Brass and Woodwinds all based on the same concept.

The CASE Woodwind Edition contains an articulation list second to none and comes in high-resolution wave (.wav / 24 bit / 96khz format). We wanted to create something definitive and unrivaled. The Woodwind Edition alone contains over 5.100 FX samples and it is near impossible to find an effect not covered.

The incredible depth of articulations is supported by our new dual-layered FX system. The first of which is our front-face FX system that gives you control over a trance gate, filters, pitch, delay, compression and our new textural convolution delay. The new textural convolution allows you to take dozens of new convolutions and use them as delay components. We have also included our new Chaos FX engine, which gives you control over things such as EQ, Phasing, distortion, stereo delay and an additional convolution reverb.

But most importantly CASE is the most comprehensive collection of orchestral FX ever done. Take something as simple a “brass riser”. It’s no longer matter of whether you want a rising brass sound. It is a matter of whether you want it in normal legato glissando or perhaps with tremolo motion to it – maybe you want more of a thrill based glissando or maybe you just want a horrific grinding brass variation.

CASE has it all and is the definitive collection of Solo Orchestral FX.

Infinite Choices
CASE Woodwinds contains over 5,000 FX samples that can be combined in infinite ways. Whether it is the ability to control individual sections or randomize thousands of parameters with a single click of the mouse. Whether its mixing the effects together with our new Textural Convolution Delay or using the Stack function to effortlessly blend as many effects you want. The premise is the same. You have an infinite amount of choices and intuitive controls to make it all your own.

Superior Mics & Mixing
CASE contains 3 different microphone stems, which are divided into 2 Hall Mics (Mid, Room) and 1 Mixed Stem (Mix). The flexibility of multiple microphone positions allows you to dial in the perfect sound of your choice. In addition, CASE also comes with a wealth of custom convolution presets. Add new flavor to your sound.

Textural Convolution Delay
Textural Convolution Delay is a new way of using convolution to create textural delays. The idea is to use non-conventional convolution impulses to augment the existing sound. So when the instrument delays – you will not just get a normal delay of the instrument, but also get the delay and texture of the convolution. This concept is called Textural Convolutions.

Immediate Access and Stack Function
CASE Solo Winds comes with 8 core patched that holds dozens of articulations. Everything is neatly built into our custom browser, which holds several articulations at a time. This means you have immediate access to a large and diverse pool of effects. We also added our unique Stack function, which allows you to layer as many articulations as you want for larger effects. You can literally mix everything together.

CASE Chaos Engine
The CASE Chaos Engine is perhaps the most extreme feature in CASE. We wanted to take the concept of Aleatoric (Chance/Randomization) Music and port it to our code and user-interface. The CASE Chaos Engine allows you make over 1.500 sample parameters randomize with one click, while also randomizing our new 8Dio FX System. So both the sample content and the assigned FX will be randomized in one glorious cocktail. The great thing about the CASE Chaos Engine is that you can control precisely how much chaos you want – from a little cosmetic change to the birth of a completely new universe of sounds – all with one click.

Hyper Flexible User Interface
CASE contains two parallel FX systems. The first one is our new Front-Faced FX, which allows you to control the most fundamental effects from the front panel (ex. Dynamics, Filters, Pitch, Delay, Crusher and our new Textural Delay). You can also go deeper with our new Chaos FX system, which includes Step-Based Filtering, EQ, Bit-Crusher, Distortion, Dual Stereo-Delay and an additional convolution system on top of our custom Textural Convolution Delays.

– Comprehensive Aleatoric Solo Woodwind FX
– 6 Microphones Mix, Room, Mid, Close, Spot 1, Spot 2.
– 5,100+ Samples. 17.1GB HDD (compressed to 11.32GB)
– 2 Solo Alto Flutes, 2 Solo Piccolo Flutes,
– 2 Bass Bassoons, 2 Bass Clarinets
– 52 Articulations
– Alto Flute 1, Alto Flute 2, Piccolo Flute 1, Piccolo Flute 2
– Bass Clarinet 1, Bass Clarinet 2, Contra Bassoon 1 and 2
– Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.5 or later required


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