Create authentic guitar sounds with the WEDGE FORCE Matcha DI guitar synthesizer and your favorite guitar amp plugins! Matcha >>> Pedals >>> Amp >>> FX = Realistic Guitar Sounds


Matcha is a unique and innovative musical instrument that allows keyboarders and MIDI artists to create powerful rock guitar tones that sound as realistic as any you’ve ever heard. In fact, it is so realistic that we encourage you to double your MIDI guitar parts, just like you would do when you record real guitar riffs!


Matcha is more than just a shockingly authentic-sounding guitar synth with powerful onboard tonal-shaping options though. It’s a professional musical instrument ready to be REAMPED into your favorite guitar amps. It replaces the guitar in a recording setup, but not the amps and FX! Pair Matcha with ANY of your favorite pedals, amps, cabs, and FX to get amazing tones, playable from your MIDI keyboard.


Having this potential for massive sounds at your fingertips opens new horizons for keyboard players and composers to enter the world of guitar sounds and effects. And guitarists will enjoy to experiment, combining real guitars and MIDI generated riffs and licks.


While Matcha can be programmed to sound absolutely amazing using MIDI, WEDGE FORCE’s core mission with this instrument was to create a software synthesizer that enables keyboardists to achieve the best possible guitar parts by capturing the nuances of live performances in the studio or on stage.


The modeling under the hood of Matcha is of another level compared to the norms you’ll find in other software instruments. WEDGE FORCE’s engineers quickly realized that sampled sounds could never sound completely realistic because harmonic resonances can sound very different for each combination of notes.


This led the WEDGE FORCE team to build their proprietary “Synthetic Force Engine,” which combines studio pre-sampled waveforms from the world’s most iconic custom made guitars with real-time synthesized sounds.


While pre-sampled waveforms can sound great whenever a single note is played, multiple notes can still sound downright unnatural when played simultaneously. This is where Matcha’s real-time generated harmonics enter into the mix. They are instantly synthesized in real-time for each note, preserving the original waveform’s timbre during pitch bending, sliding, palm muting, pinch harmonics, and more.


All of this is possible with amazing, lightning-fast performance too. WEDGE FORCE has optimized Matcha’s 64-bit double precision engine to free up resources for the effects and other synths you may be running in the background. And its latency is close to zero—less than one millisecond.


With Matcha, you can finally create realistic MIDI guitar tracks. Use it to compose new songs with mouse-click-perfect riffs and solos. Or play authentic and expressive metal guitar parts live on your MIDI keyboard. Easily enhance your productions with multi-layered guitar tracks. And continue editing your MIDI tracks after the musicians have left the studio.



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