Aurora FM
Modern 6-operator pure FM synthesizer with advanced modulation




6-operator, 32-algorithm advanced FM synthesizer with 8 sine-based waveforms, 30 voices, deep modulation, effects (overdrive, chorus, delay, reverb), and performance features
Single-screen, everything-visible, non-skeuomorphic UI with controls designed for efficient mouse interaction and visual feedback; no hidden parameters, tabs, menu-diving, etc.
DPI-aware and custom scaling from 50-150%
Much more than a mere DX7 emulation – Aurora FM translates Yamaha DX7/21/27/100/11 & TX81Z patches but is a superior, semi-modular, flexible, highly-usable modern instrument for musicians and synthesists
100% original SSE-optimized C++ code (no SynthEdit, no VSTGUI, no 3rd party libraries), high-resolution sine generators, and full-rate sample-accurate modulation combine for a great sound
Inspired by modulation monsters like the Alesis Ion and Waldorf Q


Team R2R Note:(v0.26.2)


Enjoy the true keygen without modifying binary!


To generate challenge code, dev used WMI to get SerialNumber and Model of
the physical drive used by system. However, in real world, both can be
empty. It’s up to the manufacture of the drive. The value of disk drive is
not a simple thing because there are RAID, there are Dynamic Disk, and lots
of other things to concern. It should be avoided unless you want to make a
solid system disk utility. No other audio developer uses physical disk drive
info for challenge code.


You can see those value by using command prompt
> wmic diskdrive get serialnumber, model


From developer :


Bad news, everyone!


Actually, horrible horrible news. A reboot after a Windows update yesterday
totally bricked my system. Attempts to repair failed. Attempts to reinstall
the OS failed. Further attempts to reinstall the OS failed, while wiping my
partitions and destroying everything I need for development. I’m without the
ability to do any development or even generate licenses. I can’t do
anything. I need to overcome this OS problem, rebuild my development
environment, and recover my source code from my private GitHub repos. If
anyone attacks GitHub and my source code is lost before I’m able to recover
it, it’ll be bullet-to-the-head time for RyFi.


Please feel free to join me in cursing the universe for my undeserved misery.
Sorry about this. I didn’t ask for this.


Since it’s keygened, how about going to simple keyfile without activation



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