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The award-winning Electra is not only one of the most powerful synthesizers ever – it’s the complete synthesis solution! Explore a vast musical universe of multi-synthesis oscillators, analog filters, chaotic fractals, samples, flexible modulation and an immense sonic range.


Changes in Electra v2.6:


  • New synthesis mode: Analog oscillators (Saw, Square, Triangle, Sine, Half Sine, Comb, Pulse 25%).
  • New synthesis mode: Soft sync (is active if the target oscillator is analog; works well with triangle).
  • New synthesis mode: Analog pulsewidth modulation (select Analog->’Pulse PW’; PW knob controls the pulsewidth).
  • New effect: ‘Gated Reverb’ which syncs to the BPM rate.
  • New effect: ‘Gated Reverb Echo’ is Gated Reverb with a delay which syncs to BPM.
  • New effect: ‘Reverse Reverb’ which syncs to the BPM rate.
  • New effect: ‘Stereo Width’ allows to spread the panorama from mono to surround.
  • New effect: ‘Laser Punch’ adds additional punch. Use it with a sawtooth to gereate a zzapping ‘Rubber Bass’ sound.
  • New effect: ‘Stereo flanger’.
  • New effect: ‘Surround pan’ with dolby prologic compatible surround encoding.
  • New filter: ‘LP Butter’ is an analog modeled butterworth filter with 24dB. The analog knob controls the noisyness.
  • New filter: ‘LP Tone2’ is an analog modeled leapfrog filter with 24dB. The analog knob controls non-linearity.
  • New filter: ‘LP Elliptic’ is a digital filter with 40dB slope.
  • The patch browser shows a scrollbar if more than 26 categories exist.
  • Doubleclick on a knob resets it to the default value.
  • Custom Wave->’Load wave’ now shows a popup menu with all available waveforms in ElectraX_wavetables.
  • Custom waveforms can quickly be selected with the mouswheel.
  • Custom Wave->’Random wave’ generates a random waveform.
  • ‘Save Wave’ exports a wav file with the oscillator’s waveform.
  • New Sample effect: ‘Phase shifter’ creates a very similar sounding sample. It can be used for ‘sample clearing’, since it is difficult to proove the origin of the sample.
  • New halftone mode for the arpeggiator: 3/4 selects a minor or major third which depends on the root key .
  • ‘Natural scrolling’ support for the mousewheel on Mac.
  • List selectors now have checkmarks.
  • 40 additional patches.
  • Enhanced sound of ‘Reverb Hall’, especially for for small sizes.
  • Enhanced sound of ‘Reverb Room’ for small sizes.
  • Enhanced sound of ‘Reverb Cathedral’.
  • Slightly enhanced sound of ‘Reverb Big’ with reduced low frequency rumble.
  • Slightly enhanced sound of ‘Reverb Infinity’ with reduced low frequency rumble.
  • A hand symbol is shown for text-style parameters which can be altered with the mouse.
  • More detailed description for some tooltips.
  • If tooltips are hidden the info boxes for the knobs are also hidden.
  • Better default settings for Chorus.
  • Better default settings for Ensemble.
  • Mousewheel on PC has a more aggressive focus.
  • No more clipping in the waveform displays.
  • More clean sound of PWM modulation on ‘custom wave’.
  • Filter frequency response display is more precise.
  • Higher precision of triangle, square and saw LFO at high frequencies.
  • More linear frequency response of ‘Dynamic loud’, ‘Bright’ and ‘Loudness’.
  • Init->’Reset All’ sets Pitchwheel to +-12.
  • Cleaned up some tooltips.
  • Several small enhancements.
  • More smooth looking waveform displays.
  • Reworked some ‘init patch’ templates.
  • Fixed: The timing in 44kHz and 48 kHz samplerate was incorrect .
  • Fixed: One some PC hosts the mouse cursor showed a wait circle when a knob was moved.
  • Fixed: LFO ‘Fade’ did not work with some waveforms.
  • Fixed: The checkmark ‘Multilayer edit’ was not shown after closing and opening the GUI.
  • Fixed: Fixed a denormal in the Reverb effect.
  • Fixed: Fixed a click that could be audible when volume envelope sustain was set to 0.
  • Fixed: Monophonic arpeggiators sometimes did not play if keys were hit while loading a patch.
  • Fixed: ‘Hold’ time in the envelope section was displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed: LFO speed text did display a mouse up/down arrow on mouseover.
  • Fixed: STEP Lfo speed display was incorrect.
  • Fixed: Modulation depth of knobs could have been incorrect if matrix target was switched.
  • Text-style parameters do not longer display a “*”.


For MAC:

  • Run the installation then drag in the t2k file to where you installed the VST.
  • If you have another version of Electra installed, install it to a different folder.
  • After that, run your daw, scan for the VST and it should be good to go!
  • Make sure your DAW is scanning for the folder where you installed it.
  • There may be issues installing Electra 2.6 if you have another instance of Electra installed on your computer.


Installation Notes WiN:

  • Run the installation file then drag in the .t2k file to the folder where you installed Electra v2.6.
  • If you have another version of Electra already installed, install THIS version to a different folder.
  • After the installation is done, start your DAW and run the scan for VST and it should be good to go!
  • Make sure your DAW is scanning for the folder where you installed it.
  • There may be issues installing Electra v.2.6 IF you have another instance of Electra already installed on your computer.


Tone2 Audio has updated the synthesizer-workstation Electra to v2.8, a major update, which is available for free.


Electra 2.8 includes a big GUI with 6 different sizes, enhanced sound, higher performance, new features and lots of improvements. Electra 2.8 is downward compatible with all previous versions. All existing song projects and patches can be loaded without any further steps necessary. They will benefit from the enhanced sound-quality.


Download link (free demo and update):


Product page, mp3 demos and info:


New features:


A big interface is available beside of the normal scale now.
It is possible to select from 6 GUI sizes by clicking on ‘SIZE’.
The plugin detects the screen-resolution and selects the best size automatically.
The filter-display, the osc-display, the LFO-display and the envelope-display are animated when automation or MIDI-learn is used.
Pitchwheel and Modwheel are animated when the patch-browser is visible.
Added Notarisation for the installers on Mac.
Support for Code-Signing on the Mac, since new hosts may require it to be able to run plugins.
Compatibility with MacOS Catalina.
Completely new AudioUnit interface.




The plugin and songs are loading, saving, opening and closing faster.
Better compatibility with other plugins.
More intuitive handling of sample-loops.
Better descriptions for some tool-tips.
Many small enhancements for the user-interface.
Fixed some typos.
More contrast for the pitch-wheel and mod-wheel in the patch-browser.
More accurate timing for MIDI-events.
More accurate processing of MIDI-pitchwheel.


Enhanced sound-quality:


Slightly enhanced sound of PingPong, Delay and Delay-Diffuse by reducing the detuning.
Enhanced sound and default-settings for Delay-Band and Multitap.
Enhanced sound and performance of Reverb-Hall and Reverb-Cathedral.
Enhanced sound-quality of sample-playback in high octaves.




32-bit on Mac is not longer supported. If you still use it, install Electra 2.7 instead.
MacOS 10.7 is the minimum requirement now. If you still use 10.6 or 10.5, install Electra 2.7.




Fixed a possible crash.
Fixed a possible compatibility-problem with Cubase and FL-Studio where the screen was blank.
Workaround for a well-known bug in Apple’s AU-manager: It is not longer necessary to reboot the Mac to detect the plugin.


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