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我拥有的第一批键盘之一。直到今天,没有其他键盘像 SY85 那样具有如此多的个性。我们已经包含了所有的波形,包括架子鼓;因为它都是基于样本的,所以从这个库中重新创建你最喜欢的补丁是没有问题的。我们的主要目标之一是捕捉实际硬件的模拟温暖,我们可以说我们非常出色地实现了这一目标。你会惊奇地发现这个合成器听起来多么温暖和丰满。
TGX-85 是 Yamaha SY-85/TG-500 虚拟乐器库 eXpansion for Pure Synth Platinum。为了与 as PSP 的惊人结构保持一致,我们包含了来自实际硬件的所有原始波形,包括老式鼓组。你会得到 4 个振荡器来组合你的音色以及两个滤波器,其中两个 LFO 没有在硬件上提供。 arp 可以是全局或每个振荡器以及全局和每个振荡器效果,具体取决于您选择的模板。 TGX-85 在很多方面都可以与实际硬件相媲美,因为添加了调制源、效果数量和更多的复音。 TGX-85 的目标是虚拟地将硬件的感觉置于您的手中。
Yamaha SY-85 是我拥有的第一台数字合成器。当时,我觉得它无法与当时其他任何合成器相提并论。我记得我迫不及待地想存够钱来更换它。男孩是我错了!现在听几年后的声音,我意识到这是最被遗忘的合成器之一,尤其是垫子和合成器。现在我们有大量 VST 效果器和机架试图模仿 90 年代的好数字声音,因为这些声音是如此原始和肮脏。这就是我当时没有从很好的旧 SY-85 中欣赏的地方。 SY/TG 以其宽敞而郁郁葱葱的垫子而闻名;类似穆格的合成贝斯、复古的模拟铜管音色、非常逼真的独奏弦乐、绝对最好的舞蹈/室内钢琴,以及令人惊叹的 90 年代流行感觉。

原始的数字/坚韧不拔的声音使它听起来非常独特和特别。合成铜管、合成贝司、打击垫和原始波形非常独特,可用于制作一些非常脏、数字和模拟的打击垫和合成器。最好的部分是我们觉得 M5/UVI 具有任何 VST 中最好的一些效果,因此将两者结合起来可以产生惊人的虚拟仿真。您将那些原始的低保真数字样本与现代过滤器和效果结合起来,您就会得到这个具有优势的令人回忆的数字合成器。


One of the first keyboards, I ever owned. To this day, no other keyboard has as much character as the SY85. We’ve included all of the waveforms, including drum kits; and because it’s all sample based, you will have no problem recreating your favorite patches from this library. One of our main goals was to capture the analog warmth of the actual hardware and we can say we achieved that with excellence. You will be amazing how warm and fat this synth sounds.

The TGX-85 is a Yamaha SY-85/TG-500 virtual instrument library eXpansion for Pure Synth Platinum. In keeping with the amazing structure of as PSP, we have included ALL of the raw waveforms from the actual hardware, including the old school drum kits. You get 4-oscillators in which to combine your patches as well as two filters, and two LFOs of which are not offered on the hardware. The arp can be global or per oscillator as well as global and per oscillator effects, depending on the template you choose. In many ways the TGX-85 rivals that of the actual hardware, because of the added modulation sources, the number of effects, and greater polyphony. The goal of the TGX-85 is to virtually put the feeling of the hardware right into your hands.

The Yamaha SY-85 was the first digital synthesizer I ever owned. At the time, I felt that it wasn’t up to par with any of the other synths out at the time. I remember I couldn’t wait until I saved enough money to replace it. Boy was I wrong! Now listening to the sounds some years later, I realized that this was one of the most forgotten synths, especially for pads and synths. Now we have a slew of VST effects, and racks trying to mimic the good ol’ digital sound of the 90’s, because those sounds were so raw and grimy. This is what I didn’t appreciate back then from the good old SY-85. The SY/TG is best known for it’s spacious and lush pads; moog-like synth bass, vintage analog brass sounds, very realistic solo strings, the absolute best dance/house piano, and an overall amazing 90’s pop feel.

The raw digital/gritty sound makes it sound very unique and special. The synth brass, synth bass, pads, and raw waveforms are very unique and make for some very dirty, digital, and analog sounding pads and synths. The best part is that we feel that M5/UVI has some of the best effects out of any VST, so combing both makes for an amazing virtual emulation. You take those raw low-fi digital samples and you combine them with modern filters and effects, and you get this reminiscent digital synth with an edge.

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