macOS | 24 November 2021 | 1.27 GB

11.2021 | x64 VST VST3 | 0.95 GB

Scaler 2 是一个鼓舞人心且功能强大的音乐理论工作站,可让您进入一个充满新想法、表达方式和旋律的世界。通过强大的 MIDI 和音频检测,Scaler 2 可以确定您使用的调和音阶,并建议与您的音乐相匹配的和弦。该插件可帮助您通过演奏表达发现完美的旋律,甚至可以建议从一个键更改为另一个键的方法。

来自 Carl Cox、MJ Cole、The Temper Trap、Mitekiss、CeCe Rogers 和 Mike Huckaby 等人的 200 多个艺术家和弦集
超过 200 种流派和基于情绪的和弦集,例如 Chill、Drum & Bass、Jazz、Cinematic、EDM、Progressive……
使用琶音或扫弦功能实时演奏并同步到您的 DAW
只需拖放即可将 MIDI 导出到您的 DAW
将任何 VST/AU 乐器分配给 Scaler 2 以控制您最喜欢的合成器
使用 Scaler 2 的 Bind MIDI 功能演奏和录制单指和弦和旋律

2.5.0 版有什么新变化?
生成与您的进程兼容的和弦 – 遵循音调或音阶关系来构建复杂的模式

和弦图:显示 C 部分中任何和弦的吉他和弦图
5 个新的以吉他为中心的语音分组配置文件

4 种新音色(钢原声、电吉他、复古电音、复古键)
新的表达模式:具有 30 种弹奏模式和变化的弹奏音序
新和弦组(流行摇滚、当代 RnB、流行民谣、Deep House)
20 个合成序列

OS X 10.8 及更高版本(兼容 macOS 11 Big Sur)
仅 64 位兼容


Scaler 2 is an inspirational and powerful music theory workstation that gives you access to a world of new ideas, expressions and melodies. With powerful detection of MIDI and audio, Scaler 2 can determine what key and scale you’re in and suggest chords that match your music. The plugin helps you discover the perfect melody with performance expressions, and can even suggest ways to change from one key to another.

Discover your music’s key and explore alternative scales and chord sets
Choose from hundreds of keys, quickly build progressions in the sequencer
Over 200 artist chord sets from the likes of Carl Cox, MJ Cole, The Temper Trap, Mitekiss, CeCe Rogers and Mike Huckaby
Over 200 genre and mood-based chord sets such as Chill, Drum & Bass, Jazz, Cinematic, EDM, Progressive…
Browse chord variations to get suspended chords, extended chords, dominant sevenths and jazz chords
Use the arpeggio or strum features to perform in real-time and synced to your DAW
Discover chord substitutions that lend variety to your progressions
Experiment with different chord voicings to spread notes across the keyboard
Export MIDI to your DAW simply by dragging and dropping
Assign any VST / AU instrument to Scaler 2 to control your favourite synths
Play and record one-finger chords and melodies using Scaler 2’s Bind MIDI function

What’s new in version 2.5.0?
Suggest Mode
Generate chords compatible with your progression – follow Tonal or Scale relationships to build complex patterns
Works by analysing your current progression and suggestions based on internal artist based content
Generate random progressions and get inspired quickly

Guitar Overhaul
Chord Charts: Displays a guitar chord diagram for any chord in your Section C
Fretboard Views: New “Scale Degree” and “Scale Interval” views to explore the neck of your instrument
5 New guitar-focused Voice Grouping profiles

4 New Sounds (Steel Acoustic, Electric Guitar, Retro Electric, Vintage Keys)
New Expression Mode: Strummed Sequences with 30 strumming patterns and variations
New Chord Sets (Pop Rock, Contemporary RnB, Pop Ballads, Deep House)
20 Synth Sequences

System Requirements
OS X 10.8 and later (macOS 11 Big Sur compatible)
64-bit compatible only