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有时灵感会源源不断地向你袭来……但有时却不会。当创造力枯竭时,或者当您只需要发挥您的才能时,Instacomposer 是您的救星。这个 MIDI 生成插件可以通过点击一个按钮来召唤旋律、节奏、低音、垫和和弦——所有这些都使用人工智能来创建真正有用的音乐即兴演奏。这是自动作曲的下一步,使用复杂的算法根据您的个人喜好确定音符、和声和和弦。凭借触手可及的强大作曲能力,您将永远不会再陷入音乐的常规中。

Instacomposer 的主干是一个幕后决策矩阵,它根据数学和音乐知识创建音符。此外,您可以在底部面板中设置的一系列参数中的人工智能因素,从重复概率到和弦形状的复杂性。谐波变化、弹奏技巧和音符密度只是无数可以调整的选项中的一部分,为算法提供您自己的个人偏好集。

Instacomposer 与您一样独特,考虑到您选择的音阶、拍号和即兴演奏长度。选择为 5 首曲目中的一首、部分或全部以及旋律、节奏、贝司、长音和和弦的任意组合创建新音序。

MIDI 编辑器
板载 MIDI 编辑器可用于在界面本身内调整 Instacomposer 的输出。这意味着您可以在音乐离开插件之前对其进行操作,在插件为您提供的内容之上添加您自己的创造力和个人风格。在熟悉的钢琴卷帘界面中移动、复制和删除音符,甚至可以改变力度。

将 MIDI 轨道直接从 Instacomposer 拖到您的 DAW 中,以实现终极易用性。或者,设置多通道乐器并将 MIDI 从 Instacomposer 路由到您最喜欢的 VSTi。通过这种方式,您可以同时预览所有 5 首曲目,而无需离开 Instacomposer 环境。



Sometimes inspiration comes at you thick and fast… but sometimes not. Instacomposer is your saviour when creativity runs dry, or when you just need your talent topped up. This MIDI generation plugin can conjure melody, rhythm, bass, pads and chords at the click of a button – all using artificial intelligence to create genuinely useful and musical riffs. This is the next step in automatic composition, using a complex algorithm to determine notes, harmonies and chords based on your personal preferences. With this much composing power at your fingertips, you’ll never be stuck in a musical rut again.

Artificial Intelligence
The backbone of Instacomposer is a behind-the-scenes decision making matrix that creates notes based on both mathematics and musical knowledge. Plus, the artificial intelligence factors in a whole host of parameters that you can set in the bottom panel, from repetition probability to the complexity of chord shapes. Harmonic variations, strumming techniques and note density are just some of the myriad of options that can be adjusted, feeding the algorithm your own personal set of preferences.

Total Flexibility
Instacomposer is as unique as you are, taking into account your chosen scale, time signature and riff length. Choose to create new sequences for one, some or all of the 5 tracks, and in any combination of melody, rhythm, bass, pad and chord.

MIDI Editor
The onboard MIDI editor can be used to tweak the output of Instacomposer within the interface itself. This means that you can manipulate the music before it leaves the plugin, adding your own creativity and personal style on top of what the plugin has offered you. Move, copy and delete notes within a familiar piano-roll interface, even changing the velocity.

MIDI Export
Drag the MIDI tracks straight out of Instacomposer and into your DAW for ultimate ease of use. Alternatively, set up multi-channel instruments and route the MIDI from Instacomposer into your favourite VSTi’s. In this way you can preview all 5 tracks simultaneously, without ever leaving the Instacomposer environment.


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