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Urban Suite 提供 5 种新乐器和为当代音乐制作人量身定制的海量样本库,非常适合嘻哈、R&B、陷阱、故障、节拍、实验等。 Urban Suite 既是对经典的全面回顾,又是一系列新的创新工具,体现了节拍音乐制作的创新精神和突破传统。

为了尽可能为您提供绝对最佳的音质,Urban Suite 中使用的每个样本(包括乐器样本和所有构建套件)均由纽约 Sterling Sound 的 Chris Gehringer 专业掌握。作为现代都市音乐的传奇人物,Chris 曾与 Rihanna、JayZ、50 Cent、Wu-Tang Clan、Snoop Dog、Nas、Naughty by Nature 和 Robin Thicke 等合作过。他惊人的耳朵和流派专业知识有助于让 Urban Suite 的方方面面都听起来非常棒,开箱即用。

BeatShaper – 终极城市鼓机

深厚的声音设计能力和全面的样本库让您可以制作自己的鼓组,包括底鼓、军鼓、拍手和踩镲。数以百计的声音专为 BeatShaper 设计,可以通过直观的控件、模拟建模的滤波器、包络和效果混合并整合到您自己的创作中。从清脆的敲击声到巨大的低音炮轰鸣声,没有其他鼓机能够提供这种质量、控制和易用性的平衡。从头开始构建您的工具包或使用随附的 150 个工具包之一。 BeatShaper 是挑剔的beatsmith 的必备品。

Prime8 – 重生的 Beat Machine 传奇

可能是世界上最具标志性和最受追捧的鼓机,X0X 系列的老大爷也是样本库中最夸张的之一。有了可用的平均质量相同的单调套件,我们想要做正确的事情并设定标准。 Prime8 从使用 A 类设备和极高分辨率捕获的深度多重采样过程开始。经过一丝不苟的编辑,整个库由 Chris Gehringer 在 Sterling Sound 掌握,这是现代都市音乐的传奇,给 Prime8 一个独特而直接的冲击。我们将 GUI 装扮成经典的装束,并为每个乐器配备了一系列效果器,包括混响、延迟、驱动和组合 lp/hp 滤波器,为您提供广泛的声音领域。内置音序器可帮助您开始演奏律动,每个乐器的单独输出让您可以按照自己想要的方式进行跟踪和混音。 Prime8 以厚重而原始的力量为著名的经典注入了新的活力,甚至可以承载最重的轨道。包括 50 多种预设套件。

Urban X – 独特的可调整样本合成器

Urban X 是一款适用于街头的采样合成器,采用我们功能齐全的 3 种合成音色,包括离散放大器、多模式滤波器、音高、立体声和多效果单元,并为它们加载了大量适合城市音乐的声音。想到 Urban X 的最简单方法是唱机与合成器的结合,但不仅仅是其中一个——三个——这意味着您可以对声音进行分层和调整,以创造全新的声音表达。将其用作简单的样本播放器、和弦合成器,或使用极端方法,对声音进行分层、变形和扭曲以获得狂野的效果。 Urban X 是一款灵活且完全可定制的乐器,旨在为您的工作流程带来新的声音和创造力。包括 1,000 多种声音和 100 多种预设。

划痕机 – 满载表现力的划痕仪

没有转盘就无法准确再现刮擦体验,但我们已经非常接近刮擦机。拿起键盘或打击垫控制器,加载其中一种经典声音,例如“Fresh”甚至 Speak’n’Spell,然后尽情放松!所有声音都直接从我们的常驻唱盘手和刮盘艺术家 DJ Quartz 熟练控制的转盘中录制 – 总共超过 10,000 个样本 – 单次、循环和循环,为您提供各种各样的清晰度和表现力选项。交互式音高控制、播放速度、6 种内置效果、一个 3 频段均衡器和一个 lp/hp 滤波器结合在一起,打造出一种有趣且强大的乙烯基乐器,具有经典的氛围和真实的声音。包括 10,000 多个样本和 100 多个预设。

BeatControl – 多轨循环强国

无论您是在寻找最初的灵感还是只是想找到一个合适的节奏,BeatControl 都可以为您提供帮助。多轨 Looper 具有包含鼓、贝斯和乐句等类型正确材料的庞大声音库,可让您在我们的独立播放器或您最喜欢的 DAW 中实时混音、调整和播放。在几分钟内创建凹槽、构建、分层甚至完整的歌曲。包括 150 多个预设。

城市套房样本库 – 2 十年掌握的城市剪辑

从旧学校到新学校以及更远的地方,Urban Suite 样本库涵盖了近 2 年或雅致的城市声音。单镜头、循环、构建套件,经过精心编辑,由 Chris Gehringer 掌握,并为速度而组织。惊人的声音的巨大资源,包括 2000 多个样本和循环以及 150 多个构建套件。


Urban Suite delivers 5 new instruments and a massive sample library tailored for contemporary music producers, perfect for hip hop, R&B, trap, glitch, beat, experimental and more. Both a comprehensive retrospective of the classics and a collection of new and innovative tools, Urban Suite embodies the creative spirit and boundary-pushing heritage of beat music production.

In an effort to give you the absolute best sound quality possible, every sample used in Urban Suite (both in-instrument samples and all of the construction kits) were professionally mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound in NYC. A modern legend of urban music, Chris has worked with Rihanna, JayZ, 50 Cent, Wu-Tang Clan, Snoop Dog, Nas, Naughty by Nature and Robin Thicke to name a few. His amazing ears and genre expertise have helped to make every aspect of Urban Suite sound simply fantastic out of the box.

BeatShaper – The Ultimate Urban Drum Machine

Deep sound design capabilities and a comprehensive sample library allow you to craft your own drum kits to perfection with kicks, snares, claps and hi-hats. Hundreds of sounds were specially designed for BeatShaper, ready to be mixed and mangled into your own creations with intuitive controls, analog-modeled filters, envelopes and effects. From crisp hits to massive sub-bass booms no other drum machine delivers this balance of quality, control and ease-of-use. Build your kits from scratch or use one of the 150 included. BeatShaper is a must-have for the discerning beatsmith.

Prime8 – A Beat Machine Legend, Reborn

Likely the most iconic and sought after drum machine in the world, the big daddy of the X0X series is also one of the most overdone when it comes to sample libraries. With a monotony of same’ish kits of average quality available we wanted to do her right and set the bar. Prime8 starts with a deep, multi-sampling process using Class-A gear and an extremely high resolution capture. After meticulous editing the entire library was mastered by Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound, a modern legend of urban music, giving Prime8 a distinct and immediate punch. We dressed the GUI in classic garbs and outfitted each instrument with an arsenal of effects including reverb, delay, drive and a combo lp/hp filter giving you a huge range of sonic territory. A built-in sequencer helps you get the groove started and individual outs for each instrument let you track and mix the way you want. Prime8 breathes new life into a well-known classic with a thick and primal force that can carry even the heaviest tracks. Includes 50+ preset kits.

Urban X – Unique Tweakable Sample Synth

A sample-synth for the street, Urban X takes 3 of our fully-featured synth voices including discrete amp, multimode filter, pitch, stereo and multi-effect units and loads them with a massive set of sounds ideal for urban music. The easiest way to think of Urban X is turntable meets synthesizer, but not just one—three of them—which means you can layer and tweak sounds to create totally new sonic expressions. Use it as a simple sample player, polyphonic synth, or go extreme, layering, morphing and distorting the sounds for wild effect. Urban X is a flexible and totally-customizable instrument designed to bring new sounds and creativity to your workflow. Includes 1,000+ sounds and 100+ presets.

Scratch Machine – Fully-loaded Expressive Scratch Instrument

There’s no way to accurately reproduce the experience of scratching without a turntable but we’ve come pretty close with Scratch Machine. Grab a keyboard or pad controller, load up one of the classic sounds like ‘Fresh’ or even a Speak’n’Spell and let loose! All sounds were recorded directly from decks masterfully controlled by our resident turntablist and scratch artist DJ Quartz—over 10,000 samples in all—single-shots, round robins and loops, giving you a huge variety of articulations and expressive options. Interactive pitch control, playback speed, 6 built-in effects, a 3-band EQ and a lp/hp filter combine to make a fun and powerful vinyl-inspired instrument with a classic vibe and authentic sound. Includes 10,000+ samples and 100+ presets.

BeatControl – Multitrack Looping Powerhouse

Whether you’re looking for that first bolt of inspiration or just trying to find a tight groove, BeatControl’s here to help. A multitrack looper with a huge sound library of genre-correct material including drums, bass, and phrases lets you mix, tweak and play realtime in our standalone player or your favorite DAW. Create grooves, builds, layers or even full songs in minutes. Includes 150+ presets.

Urban Suite Sample Library – 2 Decades of Mastered Urban Cuts

From old school to new school and beyond the Urban Suite sample library covers nearly 2 decades or tastefully chopped urban sounds. One shots, loops, construction kits, meticulously edited, mastered by Chris Gehringer, and organized for speed. A huge resource of amazing sounds, sure to provide years of use for any urban music producer. Includes 2000+ samples & loops and 150+ construction kits.


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