A new extraordinary sound shaper. From a percussive ice drop like sound, to infinite atmospheres, now, you can create it.

VOCE runs in the full version of Kontakt. The interface features 4 modules
and within each you can activate up to 8 available sound sources. Use the
source menus to mix the sources volume, panning and tuning, before
sending the signal to mixing and FX. The onboard compressor and a
Surround Panner are provided to help you adjust your sound’s punch and

Randomisation is your friend with VOCE, and each control can be
randomised by shift clicking an interface control. For ultimate creativity
there’s also a “total randomiser” button.

VOCE is a very fexible instrument and includes both one-shot playback and
an arpeggiator which follows the notes in the order that you press them.
There are many diferent note divisions and also special arpeggio patterns
which combine repetitions with ADSR and FX randomisation.


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